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Our Pledge to Our Referring Providers

At State College Dental Sleep Medicine, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality of Oral Appliances and Sleep Medicine care to your patients. We appreciate your referrals and enjoy working with you. We take a comprehensive and collaborative approach in diagnosing and treating all sleep disorders.

We pledge to provide the highest level of care for your patients and only perform Oral Appliance Therapy once the appropriate testing procedures have been completed and a referring physician’s diagnosis has clearly indicated a need. We feel that some dental providers over-utilize these appliances by either treating snoring as a symptom or ordering home sleep studies without physician collaboration and passing the PSG, which is the gold standard for sleep apnea diagnosis.

There are many dentists located in and around Centre County with a high degree of variability in the level of care they deliver concerning Oral Appliance Therapy. This variability of quality is particular to Sleep Medicine when compared to other subsets of dentistry, in part because of the limited programs that have been available for complete education and training.  Dr. Marks has taken more than the required numbers of hours of training in the area of Dental Sleep Medicine for his American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Diplomat Exam, and he’s also completed a mini residency in Craniofacial Pain.

We also pledge to implement and manage a comprehensive treatment plan for your patients. We will communicate this treatment plan with you and educate and empower the patient to commit to the treatment plan, as well as intermittent follow-up visits to address concerns or problems.

For our referring dentists, we will always direct the patient to remain vigilant with their homecare, follow your recommended interval for dental hygiene visits, and maintain a commitment to their relationship with you as their primary dental provider.

At State College Dental Sleep Medicine, we’re ready to work closely with you and your patients to achieve revitalizing results. Whether you’re in need of a first time evaluation or a second opinion, we pledge to treat your patients in an ethical and compassionate manner and to deliver the highest quality of Dental Sleep Medicine care.

Download Sleep Questionnaires

Have your patients been struggling with daytime exhaustion, chronic snoring, or any other worrisome indicators that could indicate the presence of sleep apnea? Please share the following questionnaires with them. The results can help you and Dr. Marks determine whether intervention is necessary and to what degree.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale

STOP-BANG Questionnaire

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Our team looks forward to helping you improve your patient’s overall wellbeing and quality of life! Please utilize our referral form below, and we’ll schedule their consultation at the earliest opportunity.

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